‘‘Nevermind’’ is the ultimate cure for burnout

Photo: Ron Lach, Pexels

Burnout occurs when you target perfection in multiple areas of your life. When you try to catch up with those unreal lives of people who, each day, wake up at 5 am, go to the gym at 6, only eat vegetables and drink a lot of water, while thriving at work.

Improving your life quality is a decent goal, however, you need to choose your battles. I have been there recently, trying to keep up with a little child at home, while trying to work from home, keeping the home tidy, doing regular exercises, and spending time with my family and friends. This ‘perfect life’ simulation just didn’t work for me. At a point, I was more than exhausted. Without any more strength to do anything, I suddenly stopped. Looked at the laundry in my hands which needs to be ironed -in the lunch break before returning to my work-. Then I said something which is hard for me to say: ‘Nevermind.’ Put that directly in the closet.

This was a turning point for me as it instantly relieved some of my psychological pain and physical fatigue. Then I embraced it as a strategy from online friend meetings to books to be read, to forever eating clean. Sometimes, our heavy to-do lists better deserve ‘nevermind’s as well as checkmarks. You need to sacrifice some perfection to put your pieces together in the long run.

What is the one item that you can cross out today?

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