Will They Think You’re Crazy? 3 Ignored Facts about Others’ Opinions

Fact 1: People only care about themselves

We overestimate how much others think about us.

Just like you, most people’s focus is on themselves most of the time. And when they care about what you do, it’s only because it interests them in a way. Our nature makes us always prioritize ourselves and others are just important because (and if) they make sense in our journey.

Learned social rules become rules we unconsciously impose on ourselves. We are afraid of others’ reactions which are our reactions in disguise. Think twice, is it others or you, who is afraid of you, changing?

Fact 2: People like authentic people more than those who follow the rules by the book.

Even parents confess liking their authentic child more, even all their effort seems about making children obey the rules. We admire courage. We admire those who live the life to the full. The rule-breakers and rule-makers are always inspiring. Conformists go unnoticed, although they are glorified in theory.

Fact 3: Yes they can think you’re crazy, but only for 10 seconds.

The two above doesn’t mean that whatever you do, people don’t care. They do. If you decide to quit your job, get married too quickly, change your career at 40, they will do notice. They will talk about it, 10 seconds, in a daily chat. They will talk about it not because your life decisions are central to their own lives, but because just like media crave news to publish, people crave news to chit-chat. And then it will be gone. Forgotten.

Given these facts, the sincere question you need to ask yourself while making a crazy decision is not ‘’Will they think you’re crazy?’’

It is: ‘’Will I think I’m crazy and if so, then what? How will my values be affected?’’

Your only ‘’others’’ is inside and if you can confront him honestly, bravely; all others’ opinions will disappear from your agenda.

Image: Starecat.com

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