How to decompose your dream into un-romantic parts to succeed?

I’m a big dreamer, but I hate uncertainty.

Therefore, motivational speeches telling me to ‘‘dare’’, ‘‘get out of my way’’, ‘‘do what I have never done before’’ are not for me.

I stay in my safe place, I did so for a long time and I’m not ready for adventure.

If you’re like me, the good news is that it’s not a ‘‘you either take high risks or you live a boring life’’ game. There is a road in between.

Say you want to be an artist.

In the romantic way you;

-Are against the boring daily jobs
-Are an idealist who only believes in thriving in art
-Risk everything, gamble just to see if you are lucky enough

In the un-romantic way, however, you may very well;

-Understand that your dream and your daily life should co-exist, which will usually mean finding a balance between paying the bills and feeding your artistic soul

-Find out that discipline outgrows talent and turn your dream into a daily, boring job, to get the results by investing in the routine

-Accept that you may not become a star at a young age or get quickly discovered; but still may continue to do your art consistently.

If you’re in the second way, first admit to yourself that you are not a loser. Don’t let the ‘‘became a star from scratch at 20’’ stories de-motivate you. This shit is rare if not unreal (in most cases it’s financially supported.)

The opposite of not hitting the jackpot and becoming the star of your industry should not mean that you are a loser. In fact, this onlyb means so if you believe so.

What we don’t want to see is that most of the results (and money, and success, and fame) come from dedicated efforts and not exceptional talent. Atomic Habits talk about exchanging ‘’goals’’ with ‘’systems’’, which is again very un-sexy but true.

Just as you hoped to get a marriage proposal as a surprise but it turned out to be so planned that you knew months ago; so will be your success. Becoming famous or successful without you planning it for years is uncommon. Both of these examples happen in Hollywood movies but in real life, boring background work matters.

The problem with goals is that they may cause you to romanticize them and only focus on the big success. What works is however your daily work.

Do you think it’s too late for you? Promise yourself to do something about your dream every day, 30 min a day.

Do you think you missed that train? Begin, be consistent and don’t focus on the result, instead enjoy the process.

When you become Madonna, you won’t feel like the girl who dreams about becoming Madonna. That’s the trick about dreams.
They only become real once you and your belief system change.

So begin slowly and consistently.
Yes when you do this, your dream will become a normal, daily, even boring thing. But if you still don’t give up just because the romanticism is dead, results will flourish.

The end may not be in tears while making your thank you speech in excitement. It will probably end with you who created a self-belief so solid that the result will feel natural. Just as disappointing as not getting a surprise marriage proposal, isn’t it?
However, what matters is the marriage, not the proposal.

Don’t let Hollywood success stories fool you.
It’s the one on their desks each night that you will applaud in the long run.
Choose that boring routine, it will pay off.
De-romanticize your dream, it will pay off.

And if you are too sentimental to ignore the glory that will finally feel that you made it, realize that the day is today. It’s tomorrow and it’s every day that you keep up with your dream by working.

Instead of getting disappointed with the process, celebrate each day like it’s ‘’the day’’, and the results will follow.

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