The Invisible Price of Ignoring Your Calling

My coach once said, ‘‘I think you are blocking your energy in all areas of life when you stop writing and singing’’.

I was in a period where logic dominated my life, where all that mattered to me was money and career. I was ready to eliminate all useless bullshit from my life, including my artistic aspirations, which seemed a luxury.

Once your responsibilities in life begin to grow, it suddenly feels like there is a prescription for doing the right thing. How to become a great manager, leader, mother, organize your home in the best way, cook more healthy…

The problem with this ‘perfect life simulation’ is that you are probably ignoring all that is authentic about you.

You should separate your life into two boxes, put all daily obligations in one, and put everything your soul needs into the second. This second box is easy to ignore. You can easily forget what you love to do most, what you were talented at, what makes your soul flourish. However, all this, summed up as your ‘‘calling’’ is vital. If you ignore your it, you are slowly and most dangerously, invisibly piping your life energy day by day.

Then why do we most ignore our calling?

Because we wrongly interpret the calling game as gambling.

Our voice inside whispers, ‘’You turn your calling into a job until 20 if you are really that talented, and if you are not, you become ordinary.’’ In fact, your calling has nothing to do with a job.

It’s there to keep you alive. Remind you how authentic your soul is. When you spare regular time for what comes from your heart, your eyes shine, and so does your skin. You feel younger, you feel always in love. It’s no surprise. Dedicating the deserved time and energy to your calling is the ultimate way to preserve and increase your life energy.

If it’s playing guitar for you and you didn’t become a famous rockstar, play anyway.

If it’s writing and your story is not as renowned as J. K. Rowling, write anyway.

Executing your calling regularly is the daily necessity of all regular people, including those with boring jobs or standard families. If you also make a living with it, how lucky you.

What happens once you break up with your calling?

Your soul slowly dies.

You get even more trapped in daily boring and stressful routines because you can’t find meaning in anything anymore.

If you lose anything that has meaning for you, you become depressed because you have nothing else in your heart to hold on to.

Your calling is yours; it’s a gift for you that is never taken away. It’s free and sticks with you in all periods of your life. Claim it, make it a visible part of your life, don’t be ashamed of it. Make it again a part of who you are now, just like it probably already was when you were a child.

I know life is messy between career, family, money, health, children, etc. And I hope while curating this busy life, executing your calling hits your top three. Believe me, you deserve this.

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