The Easy Way to Decide When Your Gut Feeling is Blocked

I make my most significant and most minor decisions based on my gut feeling.

Over the years, whenever I attempted to put my logic ahead of my gut feeling, things went terrible.

As gut feeling is more than an out of nowhere sense, but it carries the wisdom of all our experiences, it is worth utmost attention.

However, the worst thing that happens to me while I try to decide is having my gut feeling blocked. That is, being unable to feel anything about either option.

That happened to me a lot and still happens.

It’s a terrible feeling as you are left with no clue and are frozen.

What to do when you feel nothing about any alternatives but need to decide now?

DO something about both options.

Act as if you have already made that decision.

The trick is to do whatever you would do after making that decision.

Visit the building of your next probable job. Eat somewhere close. Meet people from the company if you can.

If it is impossible to DO what you’re going to do once you’ve made the decision, then imagine. But imagine correctly: Usually, when we imagine the next steps, we tend to do it all about the big picture: Dreaming of an overall concept of good marriage with kids won’t help you a lot.

But imagining the first morning with your spouse-to-be, your first breakfast, and a scene where you work from home while he speaks on the phone would help.

The aim of this exercise is to give your gut feeling more information so that it can function again.

Once you provide him with enough information, your gut feeling will perform at its best.

The information provides feelings. Once you DO or IMAGINE enough tiny moments of your next decision, you will realize that suddenly you begin to react to those little pieces of information with emotions.

And then, you can safely go back to the ‘trust your gut’ journey.

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