‘Enough is enough’ is the miracle word that makes your dreams come true

I’m genuinely interested in the moments when prayers get accepted.
Wishes come true.
Injustices resolve.

Over the years if I learned one thing it is that you definitely FEEL before a big change happens. It’s usually right after you say ‘enough is enough’.

Wishing very much, visualizing it using the ‘secret’ doesn’t do much.
They are all low vibrations that say, ‘I’ll be glad if these happen, and if it doesn’t, ok fine…’ But ‘enough is enough’ has its magic.

When you wait patiently enough, believe in a change, when you hope everything gets better, you are just in the ‘preparation’ phase.
All these bring you one day, inevitably, to the ‘enough is enough’ point, and this point is simply magical. This point is when you say;

-I won’t endure this anymore.
-I don’t belong to this level of being anymore.
-I can’t stand it anymore.
-This is not what my soul can barry anymore.

I think it’s one of life’s brutal yet funny ways of making the miracle happen right before you freak out.

When I was in my 20’s, I said with deception, ‘Ok, life is not a Hollywood movie.’
In my 30’s, I know that it is actually a Hollywood movie if your eyes and heart are open enough to see the miracles.

As one of these miracles happen again, my little takeout is that you stay patient until the very last point of your patience. And most importantly, forgetting about the ‘how’ is the secret recipe. Life solves your problems in the most unpredicted ways, usually with options you even couldn’t imagine.

So when you feel that it’s your last day to endure something, please relax and say ‘enough is enough’. Not as a rebel move, but as a reclaiming of your new identity. And watch what happens.

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