You’re Not Too Busy; You’re Trying to Claim too Many Skills

Photo: Anastasia Shuraeva Today at a conference, I learned about McKinsey’s 56 skills for the future of work. Resource: McKinsey Inspiring, thought-provoking. However, this list is not and will never be one person’s full checklist. Lists are everywhere, and they make you feel like you are forced to improve at some items. Work on your... Continue Reading →

Let Go of Your Hobby, Adopt a Ritual Instead

Photo: Alexey Demidov, Pexels ‘’To feed your soul, you should have a hobby in your spare time.’’ What a cliché. And a wrong one. Sparing your only free time for a usually paid, pre-booked activity that will soon become another burden in your busy schedule? Not for me. A hobby is an activity. A ritual is... Continue Reading →

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