Let Go of Your Hobby, Adopt a Ritual Instead

Photo: Alexey Demidov, Pexels ‘’To feed your soul, you should have a hobby in your spare time.’’ What a cliché. And a wrong one. Sparing your only free time for a usually paid, pre-booked activity that will soon become another burden in your busy schedule? Not for me. A hobby is an activity. A ritual is... Continue Reading →

Forget new year’s diet and fitness resolutions. Embrace an Authentic Wellness Routine instead.

As the new year begins, we are bombarded with tips & tricks to live healthier. The best yoga classes, 14-day challenge fitness courses, healthy meal recipes are all out there. Will we make it this year? I doubt it. The reason why most years begin with great intentions about wellness which fade out lately mid-February is that we begin... Continue Reading →

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